Da Silva Seafood Van

Contact Details
Contact: Joe Da Silva
Maria Da Silva
Phone: 0414 525 252
Mobile: 0414 525 252
Address: Corner Fouracre Street and Coronation Road (Friday to Sunday)
Waroona WA
Postal Address: 213 Hamilton Road
Spearwood WA 6163


Crabs, Fish, prawns, squid in season all caught locally in WA

The Da Silva Seafood Van is a welcome sight at the Market, with its cargo of fresh seasonal fish, prawns, mussels and crabs. With salt in his blood, Joe Da Silva is a third generation fisherman with his son Steven following on in the family tradition.

Joe has been fishing for over 30 years in Australia - in the waters of the South West and as far away as the Gulf of Carpentaria where he said you could see the coast of New Guinea on a good day!

Joe said " My father and grandfather taught me to fish in the waters of Madeira, Portugal and I have carried on the family tradition, both in Portugal and Australia, ever since."

Joe has built a sound business in WA from humble beginnings as an orphan in Portugal, a stowaway on a boat to Venezuela, eventually arriving in WA, working hard and fishing off Carnarvon.

Now he continues to work hard, with the help of his son, Steven, who helps with the filleting and packing. His seafood vans go to various Markets and shows and there is also a shop in Waroona (open Friday Saturday and Sunday) and now a shop in Brunswick Junction (open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Joe, in his boat Jesica and his son Steven in his boat San Trak, trawl the waters from Ombria Sound down to Safety Bay hauling in the freshest of seafood which you can buy at the Boyanup Farmers’ Market.

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