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Approximately 35 years ago the business was started as a part time operation while working as a mechanic. The fascination and intrigue of bees remains to this day. In order to make bee keeping a full time pursuit and living, hives must be shifted several times a year. Rainfall and flowering cycles dictate to where. We hold sites to put bees on mostly rented from the Department of Environment and Conservation anywhere from Dongara to Walpole, Paynes Find and Coolgardie, Norseman. Normally this time of the year would see hives situated in Banksia country around Cataby, north of Perth. Because of drought conditions it is non-productive, the hives can also be punished by ants in these conditions. The hives have instead been taken to Paynes Find where a honey flow from Salmon Gum and York Gum is in progress, only drawback is that is 600 kms from home.

Different honey produced – achieved by shifting bees White Gum, Red Gum, Jarrah, Banksia, Wildflower, Clover, Peppermint, Karri, Powderbark, Meadow, Blackbutt, Goldfields, York Gum, Salmon Gum. We also produce creamed honey, pollen and beeswax.

It would be good to dispel misconceptions of candied honey (crystallized). Consumers assume honey that has crystallized has deteriorated which is wrong. All West Australian honey candies at varying rates depending on its source. Only Jarrah and Blackbutt remain liquid. Crystallized honey is proof of its purity and lack of processing. To re-liquify a gentle heat is required (standing in warm water). Honey does not crystallize in a populated bee hive because bees control temperature and humidity – temperature is between 35 – 37 degrees c.

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