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Olive products

Extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar

Olive oil, along with wine and grain, was the “third pillar” of the ancient Mediterranean diet.
Centuries later “Third Pillar” Australian Premium Olive Oil maintains the nutritional importance of this fundamental food, as well as enhancing its use in contemporary gastronomy.
We have a genuine and holistic commitment to quality at every stage of our fruit growing and oil production processes to ensure a truly premium Australian olive oil – more than “extra virgin” given our standards far exceed existing international requirements .
We also offer a red wine vinegar traditionally produced from Western Australian red wine to complement our olive oil, providing the foundation for a classic vinaigrette and many traditional Mediterranean recipes.
Third Pillar was built by four families with a cocktail of farming, horticulture and professional backgrounds, none of which, to be honest, involved a history of olive growing. But a combined passion for the gastronomic and health benefits of premium (extra virgin) olive oil and a will to research, ponder and adopt innovative practices has produced a premium quality extra virgin olive oil.
Brookhampton Estate | Killarney Estate | Sherwood Springs | Tarnagulla Farm
Brookhampton Estate
Varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Minerva, Pendolino
Coral Stewart is a retired physiotherapist with a passion for plants. She has an advanced certificate in horticulture and this expertise particularly valuable when the grove at Brookhampton was being established. Graeme is a specialist physician whose interest in olive oil started in the early 1990's when the medical world began to appreciate the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. He has subsequently developed a love of good quality extra virgin oil and gets great satisfaction from producing high quality olives and oil.
Killarney Estate
Varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino
Gordon Clifford's great grandfather was a pioneer of the Geographe region. Arriving in Western Australia in 1886, he was attracted to the town of Donnybrook because of the richness of the farming area and the connection with other Irish settlers in the area.
Having pioneered the growing of avocados in Donnybrook and successfully grown apples, stone fruit and citrus fruit on the family property, it was a natural extension for Gordon to diversify and establish an olive grove
Ann's family were also pioneers of the district. Formerly a nurse, including a period with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and now a university lecturer Ann provides a level head and practical assistance in all phases of the operation. She is seen regularly at local shows and farmer's markets extolling the virtues of Third Pillar.
Sherwood Springs
Varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Minerva, Pendolino
Sherwood Springs at Mumballup is very much a family operation.
For Ian Wildy, a civil engineer and latterly involved in commercial hardwood plantations, it was a toss up whether to plant vines or olives at Sherwood Springs. Olives prevailed, largely because he wanted to participate in the development of a new industry rather than be swamped by an established one.
Helen, his wife and university professor, offers logistical support and superb catering during the harvesting season. Daughter Anna, an anthropologist, is the family “palate” with the enviable ability to recognize a perfume at 20 paces. She guided Third Pillar Premium Olive Oil towards its first awards at the 2004 and 2005 Perth Royal Shows and has every intention of continuing to help add to the trophy cabinet.
Son Dan and his wife Jodi are both botanists, handy experts in such an enterprise! They’re both closely involved in ensuring the health of the grove and the remnant vegetation surrounding it at Sherwood Springs.
Tarnagulla Farm
Varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Kalamata
Sue and Malcolm Lee are refugees from urban Fremantle who, in 1996, sought to carve a family hideaway in the unspoilt natural beauty of the south west of Western Australia.
Their aim is environmentally friendly, low production agriculture, in harmony with the local flora and fauna, and to create a home in the country.
They founded the Tarnagulla Farm enterprise on olive oil because of its significant health and culinary properties and later added the low-impact cultivation and production of banksia wildflowers.

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