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Welcome to Cypress Creek Wiltshire Lamb

Cypress Creek Wiltshire Lamb is a family-run Wiltshire sheep-breeding operation based in Waroona in the lower west region of Western Australia.

They have run purebred Wiltshire sheep since 2000, with their first purchase of a small purebred flock to “keep the grass down” on their home block.

Although a rare breed, their basic management requirements, fertility and hardy nature have seen the flock gradually expanding to a commercial size, producing wethers for the farmers market business and ewes for sale to other property owners looking for easy care sheep.

All lambs are produced from their own flocks. “We do not buy any lambs from other producers, so we know that all the lambs we sell through the farmers market or as livestock have been raised on a healthy and sustainable farm”.

“Wiltshire lamb is a superior meat product and you can really taste the difference, with tender, fine grained texture and absolutely beautiful flavour”.

The meat is prepared by a master butcher and immediately vacuum packed ready for sale. “Our butcher provides prime cuts as well as a range of gourmet sausages”.

Aside from the high quality meat, the Wiltshire sheep’s greatest attribute is that they possess short self shedding fleeces. This is important factor when choosing a breed that will be suitable in areas with high annual rainfall like the south west of WA, where flystrike and fleece rot are major problems. They also require no shearing, or chemical treatments for flystrike and lice. There are also no crutching or mulesing requirements due to having a bare breech. They are low maintenance sheep that are more like running cattle.

“Our ewes are run in commercial conditions in a traditional way, with access to clean paddocks and clean water. We also put effort into pasture improvement, cutting our own meadow hay and planting trees to provide shade and shelter for the ewes’ year round needs”.

Wiltshire Sheep have an ancient heritage which dates back to Roman times. Small flocks were kept by English farmers in the Wiltshire Downs for household use.

The original Wiltshire sheep is known as the Wiltshire Horn and the rams in particular have spectacular winding horns.

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